The 1st Festival HIROSHIMA 1985

Aug.18-23 Venue : City Auditorium

International Honorary President

Paul Grimault


International Jury (*chairperson)

Raoul Servais*


Wang Shu Chen


Břetislav Pojar


Ishu Patel


Robi Roncarelli


Shigeo Fukuda


Yoji Kuri


International Selection Committee (*chairperson)

Antoinette Moses


Jules Engel


Ranko Munitic


Taku Furukawa


Kihachiro Kawamoto*


Grand Prize

"Broken Down Film"

Osamu Tezuka


Hiroshima Prize

"The Big Snit""

Richard Condie


Debut Prize

"Wind a Minute and 40 Seconds"

Tsutomu Shinozuka


Category A - Shorter than 5 minutes

[First Prize] "Gravity"

Ferenc Rofusz


[Second Prize] "Sigmund"

Bruno Bozzetto


[Honorable Mention] "The Adventures of Andre and Wally B."

Alvy Ray Smith


Category B - Longer than 5 minutes but within 15 minutes

[First Prize] "Anna & Bella

Borge Ring

(The Netherlands)

[Second Prize] "Four Seasons of Japan"

Tatsuo Shimamura


Category C - Longer than 15 minutes but within 30 minutes

[First Prize] "The Fire Boy"

Baiyong Wang


[Second Prize] "Black-and-White Film"

Stanislav Sokolov


Category D - Promotional such as commercial or title and less than 5 minutes

[First Prize] "I.II.III."

Graeme Ross


[Second Prize] Listerine "Clifford"

Russell Hall


Category E - First work by student or independent filmmaker for public exhibition

[First Prize] "Charade"

Jon Minnis


[Second Prize] "Family Snapshots"

Radu Igaszag


Category F - Works for Children

[First Prize] "Virtuoso"

Ilja Novak


[Second Prize] "Rupert and the Frog Song"

Geoff Dunbar


[Honorable Mention] "Lady Poverty"

Vlasta Pospisilova


[Honorable Mention] "Doctor Desoto"

Michael Sporn


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