The 2nd Festival HIROSHIMA 1987

Aug.21-26 Venue : Welfare Annuity Hall

International Honorary President

Karel Zeman


Special Guest

John Halas


International Jury (*chairperson)

Te Wei


Paul Driessen

(The Netherlands)

Nicole Salomon


Bruno Bozzetto


Yuri Norshtein


Osamu Tezuka*


International Selection Committee (*chairperson)

Renya Onasick


Véronique Steeno


Péter Szoboszlay


Takashi Namiki


Shinichi Suzuki*


Grand Prize

"The Man Who Was Planting Trees"

Frédéric Back


Hiroshima Prize

"Dreamless Sleep"

David Anderson


Debut Prize

"The Silence of the Bats"

Fabio Lignini


Special International Jury Prize

"Opera Industriel"

Adam Chin, Richard Cohen


Category A - Promotional works such as commercials or opening titles, etc.

[First Prize] Gallo "Big Man"

Bob Kurtz


[Second Prize] "Cube"

Haru Fukushima


Category B - Debut works

[First Prize] "Your Face"

Bill Plympton


[Second Prize] "Solitaire's Sanctuary"

Karen Kiser


Category C - Works for children

[First Prize] "Strawman"

Hu Jinqing


[Second Prize] "Augusta Feeds Her Child"

Csaba Varga


Category D - Works for educational purposes regarding commerce, industry or medical

[First Prize] "Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety"

Les Drew


[Second Prize] "Supersoap"

A Da, Ma Kexuan


Category E - Shorter than 5 minutes

[First Prize] "Luxo Jr."

John Lasseter, William Reeves


[Second Prize] "Set in Motion"

Jane Aaron


Category F - Longer than 5 minutes but within 15 minutes

[First Prize] "The Wind"

Csaba Varga


[Second Prize] "Ropedancer"

Raimund Krumme


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