The 4th Festival HIROSHIMA 1992

Aug.20-24 Venue : Aster Plaza

International Honorary President

Ward Kimball


International Jury (*chairperson)

Hélène Tanguay


Rein Raamat


Jean-François Laguionie*


Otto Alder


Tadahito Mochinaga


International Selection Committee (*chairperson)

Jerzy Kucia*


Pat Raine Webb


Paul Glabicki


Toshifumi Kawahara


Kosei Ono


Grand Prize

"The Sandman"

Paul Berry


Hiroshima Prize

"Cat and Company"

Alexander Guryev


Debut Prize

"The Mill"

Petra Freeman


Category A - Promotional works such as commercials or opening titles, etc.

[First Prize] "MTV World Problems World Solutions: Think"

Paul de Nooijer, Menno de Nooijer

(The Netherlands)

[Second Prize] "Animated News"

Joseph Sherman


Category B - Debut works

[First Prize] "Spotless Dominoes"

Philip Hunt


[Second Prize] "Balloon"

Ken Lidster


Category C - Works for children

[First Prize] "The Elevator"

Koji Yamamura


Category E - Shorter than 5 minutes

[First Prize] "The Square of Light"

Claude Luyet


[Second Prize] "The Ride to the Abyss"

Georges Schwizgebel


Category F - Longer than 5 minutes but within 15 minutes

[First Prize] "Strings"

Wendy Tilby


[Second Prize] "Amentia"

Sergey Ainutdinov


Category G - Longer than 15 minutes but within 30 minutes

[First Prize] "Franz Kafka"

Piotr Dumala


[Second Prize] "The Restaurant with Many Order"

Tadanari Okamoto


Special International Jury Prize

"Off His Rockers"

Barry David Cook



Hitoshi Takekiyo


"The Vacuum"

Tim Rolt


"The Street Sweeper"

Serge Elissalde


"The Stain"

Marjut Rimminen, Christine Roche


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