The 5th Festival HIROSHIMA 1994

Aug.25-29 Venue : Aster Plaza

International Honorary President

Faith Hubley


Special Guest

Peter Lord


International Jury (*chairperson)

Huguette Parent


Fedor Khitruk*


George Schwizgebel


Susan Young


Nikola Majdak


Renzo Kinoshita


International Selection Committee (*chairperson)

Michel Ocelot*


Nina Shorina


Robi Engler


Christine Panushuka


Nobuhiro Aihara


Grand Prize

"The Mighty River"

Frédéric Back


Hiroshima Prize

"The Village"

Mark Baker


Debut Prize

"Little Wolf"

An Vrombaut


Category A - Promotional works such as commercials or opening titles, etc.

[First Prize] Def II - "Scratch"

Caroline Cruikshank


[Second Prize] "Comic Book I.D."

Steven Dovas


Category B - Debut works

[First Prize] "Osei Appears"

Yasuhiro Nakura


[Second Prize] "Swinging in the Seesaw"

Tania C. Cancado


Category C - Works for children

[First Prize] "From Heart to Heart"

Taku Furukawa


[Second Prize] "Imagination"

Koji Yamamura


Category D - Works for educational purposes

[First Prize] "Stop Action Faces"

Paul de Nooijer, Menno de Nooijer

(The Netherlands)

Category E - Shorter than 5 minutes

[First Prize] "Britannia"

Joanna Quinn


[Second Prize] "Cave"

Yoshiyuki Okada, Hiroyuki Okui


Category F - Longer than 5 minutes but within 15 minutes

[First Prize] "Screen Play"

Barry J.C. Purves


[Second Prize] "A Cuckoo's Nephew"

Oksana Cherkassova


Category G - Longer than 15 minutes but within 30 minutes

[First Prize] "The Wrong Trousers"

Nick Park


[Second Prize] "Dream of a Ridiculous Man"

Alexander Petrov


Special International Jury Prize


Jonas Odell, Stig Bergqvist, Lars Ohlson, Martti Enstrand



Mario Kamberg


"The Paradise"

Nedeljko Ubovic



Darren Walsh


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