HIROSHIMA 2020 Official Programs

※All screening programs and related events are cancelled due to reducing the scale of HIROSHIMA 2020. Back to HOME to see more details.

Competition (Open to Audience)

From numerous latest animation shorts submitted from around the world, Grand Prize, Hiroshima Prize, Debut Prize, Renzo Kinoshita Prize, Audience Prize and other prizes will be awarded. Especially, the Audience Prize will be chosen by votes of audience. In this program, internationally renowned animation masters and young promising animators will be competing each other equally, and audience will enjoy their high quality works with competition directors attending from all over the world.

Best of the World

Screening of superior animation works of recent years from around the world.

Stars of Students

Well-reputed program that aims to discover young talented filmmakers. Screening of excellent student animation works from around the world. Audience will enjoy the talents of the next generation in the field of animation.

Animations for Peace

Screening of inspiring peace-themed films, sharing the spirit and the heart of Hiroshima.

Contemporary Japanese Animation

Screening of high quality works by Japanese animation filmmakers today.

Animation from the World

Introducing creative animation shorts full of inspiration from countries and regions, which we rarely get the chance to see in Japan.

Animation for Children

Screenings of attracting animation for children from various countries.

Animation Made by Children of the World

Screening of animation workshop films made by children from various countries.

Screening of animation shorts and features by talented filmmakers within Japan and abroad...and many more!

Free Spaces for Promotion and Exchange(Nexus Point, Frame In)

*Bring your works with you! Reservation for free space can be made at the venue for free of charge, during the festival.

Nexus Point : A free space for business exchange. Animation professionals, production companies, distributors, etc., are welcome to bring and show your works, make presentations and lectures. Looking forward to your participation!
Frame In : A free space for young creators, who wish to become professionals, to present their own works and exchange information. Animation professionals may give the presenter suggestions on the presenter’s work. There will also be special seminars by festival guests. Looking forward to your participation!

Educational Film Market

A very unique film market providing bridges between schools, students and productions. Japanese major animation schools and universities will be setting up booths to publicize their educational programs and to find new students. Students may promote their talents and gain chances to work internationally. Production companies may take this opportunity to discover new young talents. Also, there will be previewing desks to appreciate students works from all over the world.


Exhibitions of artworks related to Special programs.

Kid’s Clips

"Kid's Clips" is the room for an open workshop for children to experience and learn animation as one of expressive media. In addition, children's workshop films from various countries will be shown. You can join any time during the festival.

Computer Animation Making World

In this workshop space, you can enjoy creating animation easily by using simple software. From children to adults, anyone can animate your own drawings, or even the still photos taken by a digital camera. You can join any time during the festival.

・・・and many more!