As a result of the Selection Committee held during May, 75 works were selected for Competition from 2,842 entries from 88 countries and regions. The screening schedule is also decided.

The 75 selected titles from 35 countries and regions will be shown in the competition programs from August 23rd to 26th, evening. The International Jury, consisting five members, will evaluate and choose the Grand Prize, Hiroshima Prize, and all the award winning titles. The result will be announced in the evening of August 27th.

≫ 75 works selected for competition

Date of screening : 

Festival Prizes and Cash Awards

Grand Prize



Hiroshima Prize



Debut Prize



Renzo Kinoshita Prize



Special International Jury Prize(s)

Special Prize(s)

*Also, "Audience Prize" (¥100,000) will be decided by the audience.

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