Selection Result

As a result of the Selection Committee held during May, 75 works were selected for Competition from 2,842 entries. The screening schedule is also decided.

≫ 75 works selected for competition

Date of screening : 

On sub-total, (number) is the number of Countries or Regions which have works submitted, and <number> is the number which have works selected.

*1 Co-production countries other than those listed above: Republic of Albania / Democratic Republic of the Congo / New Zealand / Palestine /Plurinational State of Bolivia/Republic of Iceland/Islamic Republic of Pakistan

* Works selected of collaboration

 Switzerland and Croatia : 1 work

 Spain, India, Austria, Chile, and Greece : 1 work

 Japan and Latvia : 1 work

 Denmark and France : 1 work

 Republic of Belarus, Germany, and America : 1 work

 Croatia and France : 1 work

 Switzerland, France and Georgia : 1 work

 Canada and Norway : 1 work

 Croatia, Canada, and Estonia : 1 work

 Estonia and Denmark :1 work

 Portugal and France :2 works

 Czech Republic and Republic of Belarus :1 work

 France and Spain :1 work

 The Netherlands and Germany :1 work

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