Frame In

"Frame In" is a popular tradition since the 5th Festival in 1994, particularly dedicated to young people. In addition to their film-showing, it is a free space for presentation and information exchange amongst young people.
Applicants only need to make reservation during the festival, and can have their films shown. It is a valuable place to receive advice on one's films from professional people.
In addition, special guests of the festival will hold seminars.

Time and Date:

August 23rd (Thu.) – 27th (Mon.) / 9:30 am - 18:00 pm (during the festival)


Seminar Room, 7th floor of JMS Aster Plaza


DVD (Region 2, NTSC), Blu-ray Disc player (Region A), and projector

Reservation (free):

at Seminar Room, from 9:00 am, August 23rd

In principle, only one screening per person, within 30 minutes.

You can check the schedule of "Frame In" in front of the Seminar Room, and also the update information will be announced on Lappy News (Daily Bulletin), Google Calendar and our official Twitter.

We hope many people will participate in "Frame In".

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