Hiroshima Animation Workshop 2019

※The official screening of the completed work is cancelled this time due to reducing the scale of HIROSHIMA 2020. Back to HOME to see more details.

Children in Hiroshima are welcome to enjoy during summer holidays to create their own animation under the instruction of professional animation filmmakers!
Their completed work will be shown in one of official programs of HIROSHIMA 2020.

Outline of Hiroshima Animation Workshop 2019

held succesfully!
Time and Date July 23rd (Tue) – 26th (Fri), 2019 / 10:00 – 17:00
Place Large Meeting Room on the 4th floor of JMS Aster Plaza
Participants 5th-grade to 9th-grade students, who are available for all of the 4 days (Group in 3 is the maximum)
Application will start around May 2019
*More information on the application will be updated here soon.
Instructor Sayoko Kinoshita
Animation Director / Producer
Festival Director of Hiroshima International Animation Festival,
Visiting Professor at Osaka Univ. of Arts

The Summary of Animation Workshop 2017

Last time, 9 students from 5th to 9th grade took part in the Animation Workshop 2017.

For most students, this was their first time to create an animation. They worked hard together for 4 days to make out a 2-minute animation - creating the story, designing characters, drawing animation one by one, coloring and then, shooting them.

When their animation was previewed finally at the end of the fourth day, students were so thrilled and excited with joy to watch it.

The work is titled "Cat".
In December 2017, we had an opportunity to present the completed work inviting all the participants. Also, in August 2018, this work was screened at the large hall of festival venue in HIROSHIMA 2018

Workshop Process

(Pictures from Animation Workshop 2017)


Learning the basics of animation by zoetrope and phenakistoscope.



Creating a story


Designing characters


Drawing animation one by one